Preparing for iPad Implementation in Schools

A project about implementing iPads as part of the normal educational process has been underway for some time. With this project, ICTs are integrated curricularly in the Early Childhood Education stage, working the different centers of interest through iPads.

In my opinion, the iPad can again widen the digital divide.

With the Anchor Safari Tab option, your favorite websites are kept open, updated and always at hand. If you do not believe me, try the iPad and you will see it. Teacher training also relies heavily on this technology. ), are reinforced with the use and curricular integration of these new knowledge tools. Flash storage is up to 17 times faster than a traditional unit and has no moving parts. I will not go into the use that has been made in many centers of the same because it would not end with a post. All Macs come with great apps to increase the productivity of the class.

Your autonomy for the whole day allows you to continue working hours after the bell rings. He also mentioned the closed nature of the device’s operating system and Apple’s total control over the software. Another issue of controversy is the ease of confusing the names iPad and iPod, given their similar pronunciation in English. Its lightness and versatility has opened a world of possibilities when it comes to showing catalogs, for example.

The complaints have been similar to those of other countries: the absence of a camera, the non-inclusion of Flash technology, among others. What light applications for Mac, could run on the iPad. We can review what has happened technologically in these years to see where we have arrived. Current education uses some technologies from several centuries ago that seem impossible to overcome, according to some. In addition, we must encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences and motivate staff with ongoing training activities. Another thing that left me bored with the iPad is that it does not bring a camera. It was also presented a digital pen called Apple Pencil and a new keyboard for this new version of the popular tablet. It will not be easy for tablets with Android or Linux or whatever it is to compete with the iPad.

It is designed in parallel to the Mac hardware so that everything works in perfect harmony, and includes very useful tools for the classroom. Its powerful 64-bit A8X chip makes teaching materials come to life. At the end of this period, families will be able to purchase the iPad, in exchange for a residual price. The cost of subsequent replenishments of the device that occurred for these same reasons, will be at the student’s expense. It is interesting to define a calendar of meetings where you can talk with the members of the team of people who will lead the start of the project.

In the sector of merchandising and events, for its part it has become an almost essential tool.

The Andorran government decided to force high school students to buy an iPad 2. The use of iPads in the Attendis classrooms does not imply an extra cost for the parents of the students.

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