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Need a New Theme?

To change the theme, (layout, background) of your blog:

  • Launch a web browser, like Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox.
  • Go to – where blogname is the name of your blog.
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Go to Appearance –> Themes
  • Click on the available Themes to preview the appearance of your blog with a selected theme


Just a few notes as we move in to a new week of the Thompson Blogs.

  • We are happy to report that in the 3 weeks that the site has been active, there are about 20 blogs open and in various states of functionality. Some bloggers are in the beginning stages, while others have several posts.
  • The RSS feeds are working properly on the front page of the blog. Feel free to use them.
  • If you look at the top-left corner of the blog, you will see two additional pages. One is the blog directory. We will be adding a list of active blogs to this page for easy access in the next week. The other page is a help page. There is a video posted on that page that may help bloggers get started with their first post. Additional videos will be added in the near future.
  • Please use “tags” and “categories” as you post your blogs. As we grow, this will make it easier for all users to access relevant content. If your blog is set to “private” your tags and categories will not be seen.
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