The End is Near

Mayans believed that our current universe will be annihilated when the Great Cycle of the Long Count comes to an end, so some say. The importance that the ancient Mayans gave to the thirteenth baktún is uncertain. Either way, it is considered a reference to the ancient Mayan cosmogony. There is also a small evidence, archaeological or historical, that the Mayans located any important event at the solstices or equinoxes.

However, that does not mean that the world is going to change, but that the next Mayan calendar begins. Both the solar calendar and the lunar calendar coincided every 52 years. When, later, he discovered that his date was near the end of the Mayan calendar, he believed that both dates were related. This calendar served to name people and for the divination of the future. The disturbing aspect of this question is that, in effect, the alignment will take place. Jenkins attributed the ideas of the shamans of the ancient Mayan people to the galactic center. Her host is Margarita Rosa de Francisco and her slogan is “El fin del Mundo”.

In the early 1990s, other researchers repeated Coe’s apocalyptic vision.

There is no clear evidence that the Maya classics were aware of the precession. As a result, approximately every 2160 years, the constellation visible on the first morning of the equinox spring changes. However, there is no reference to the time interval between each of these creations.

Bolon Yokte ‘K’uh appeared in the Chilam balam of Chumayel means an apparent battle or victory against the Spanish invaders. The unit of measurement of the long count was the kin (‘sun’, ‘day’ in Mayan language). In this season, each Region has six participants. The interaction between both systems of temporary computation has been called “calendrical round” by specialists in Mesoamerican studies. This situation makes this challenge the first to have more than three teams in this second stage.

That is, it means exactly the same as for us from December 31 to January 1. It is said that humanity enters a new stage. A huge solar wind could wreak havoc on satellites and cell phones. The Popol vuh is a window to the myths of the creation of the Mayan region. The initial date of the Long Count is not astronomically significant.

Bernal believes that such ideas have been imposed on the Maya by Westerners because their own myths are “exhausted.”

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