Justifying Injustice

In my pain from injustice, I have written verses born from the bottom of my heart. This play denounces the barbarity and the arbitrariness of justice.

That is, a person who could do something concrete to improve the conditions of this vulnerable social sector. The point is that it is difficult to execute if it is not, at least, at the emotional level.

It means the development of ‘solidarity’, as a more just criterion to face unequal conditions and corrects and complements the strict equal treatment. “For bad people to pay for their actions.” Consequently, it will be necessary to demonstrate, first, the existence of inequality, and, second, its unjust character. If the rich got rich by being dishonest, it is a problem. “Or, it is accepted that those who ‘need’ the most (disadvantaged, sick, dependent, look and think, carefully select when to act, so as not to suffer the consequences they already know. However, there were so many mobilizations, that was not a problem. “We must differentiate between inequality and injustice, as well as distinguish between equality (of treatment, conditions, capabilities and results) and equity (as proportionality). We now turn to two progressive conceptions of justice, more complex to assess.

Accept people as they are and what they provoke and do nothing. Surely he does, but it will always remain in his memory that he did not do it on time. A domestic worker does not need a high salary, because her food and housing needs are covered. Equality must be combined with freedom and also with the improvement of well-being. And to demarcate an unfair inequality (distributive and position) from another ‘just’ inequality. But people are and often do not care, justify or simply look the other way. Dolcevita, the last of you “To those who are going to join the study center”, I find it very valuable and courageous. We have already referred to the perversion of the first criterion by the elites who consider their illegitimate enrichment “deserved”. All support, excuse their misdeeds and justify the convenience of the murders.

Situations of inequality become, above all, of unequal initial or structural positions, and are unfair. Fourteen years have passed since I started with a broken soul, trying to start a new life. It is accompanied by opposition to socio-labor cuts and the demand for democratization of the political system. The delegitimization of unjust inequality is key to generating its popular rejection and a dynamic of equal and solidary change. We are in a socio-political and distributive struggle that affects social and democratic conditions and rights and the welfare state. I would soon stop eating and my whims, to stop giving my small contribution for its maintenance.

And we find the perfect excuse to do nothing and to silence those voices.


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