Grace and Forgiveness

The only sin that God does not forgive is unbelief, the fact of not believing in Jesus. If someone treats us badly, we do not get angry right away. It is that which tears man from sin contrary to the love of God and purifies his heart.

I was a compulsive eater and over the years the Lord has taken away almost all the compulsion. Anything that has been created, can separate us from the love of God in Christ our Lord. We think we must change, grow and be good to be loved. Married and we are happier than ever before.

Growth comes when we take responsibility for our sins, and we ask God to change us. One thing is for sure: those who manage to forgive are closer to love. Moreover, they expect us to love all people, regardless of their origin or their culture.

My mother looked at me and said: “I love you as you are, I do not care much about your weight”.

Under grace we have more than our own resources. They, by their arrogance, wanted to become gods and committed original sin. Both my brothers and I, we learned to forgive them to live in peace. People forgive each other’s sins and spend the night in prayer.  It suffices for the said person to reprimand the majority. I asked him what would have happened if those messages had been discovered to me at that moment. But you have to be very careful in another not to be caught by the police because it is illegal. Thing was good with us and we are always happy. Do not take it personally and do not accept the gift, because if you forgive, you will end up doing it.

It all starts with an offense, which can be of many types, from something simple to something strong. I am very grateful to you because the ideas and techniques that you share with us have helped a lot so as not to torment us. It is possible that God is using you as the instrument of salvation.

Allowed is to absolve and assess the penalties at the price that suits you.

Those who accept the message of the Kingdom are reconciled to God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (2 Cor.)

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