What Matters Most

Sometimes we understand responsibility as the account that we will have to give, if they catch us, for what we have done wrong; or of the prize that we will receive for the good that there is in our life.

Never forget that love IS the only thing that matters. If you forget about that, you have lost the most important thing in life. It is not only within each one of us, but it is each one of us, whether he feels it or not. In fact, many times it may surprise us that the negative that happens even remotely makes us angry.

This notion is likely to provoke different responses and emotions in each one of you. In the same way that I often lack the patience to sit down and finish a book (I am in the midst of many!)

As I pointed out, male and female are beings-for-love; and the culmination and greatest expression of all love is surrender. After all, love stretches and grabs us by the ropes of the soul. But that does not mean that your benefits escape me. , but as my wife has not read it. Before I felt this way much more what I do now. Because I also sometimes in my life have felt exactly what this person has expressed. But all these examples would fit better with the gradual increase of the capacity to love that, when we want good, we generate in ourselves. Again it is a correct vision, but very poor.

On the contrary, without that yes that “makes them fit”, the pretension to be forced would be almost absurd. Love can be brief or eternal, but it always hides confidence and cramps. Amour is a flurry of eternity in this mating, addiction and serotonin today. and experience the emotion that inclines to return and jump again, but now without fear. The important thing is the faith that is expressed through love. ”

I mean all those and none of them at the same time. This being true, it is no less a thing that is often not even named, I am sure we have all felt it at one time or another There is another concept, no less disturbing, and very beautifully expressed, in the learning of Ariza, and it is that of the pain associated with love, Love is a million different diseases and, in turn, the cure for all of them. is that age really are just number things.

The important thing is the faith that is expressed through love. Meditation has the power to change our thought patterns and the chemistry of our brain. I continue to enjoy this surprise in my own life. This simple scenario is my constant reminder that we are all one, that all creatures on Earth are connected.

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